Ideas for Poll Questions for Instagram

Ideas for Poll Questions for Instagram: Instagram is a significant social media site where you may communicate with others and share your ideas. The poll function on Instagram is one of the most used features since it lets you ask questions and receive responses from your friends.

If you’re looking for ideas for poll questions for Instagram. The following suggestions can help you interact with your followers:

Some Ideas for Poll Questions for Instagram

  1. Food and drink polls: Ask about the favourite foods and beverages of your fans. This could range from their favored pizza kind to their go-to beer brand.
  2. Fashion polls: Poll your followers about their fashion preferences, such as the shoes or clothing they love to wear from their favourite brands.
  3. Pop culture polls: Ask about the films, TV series, and musicians that your followers enjoy the most. You might also inquire about their preferred musical artists or movie characters.
  4. Travel polls: Ask your followers about their ideal holiday spots or preferred escapades. Additionally, you may inquire about their go-to form of transportation.
  5. Fitness and wellness polls: Ask about the preferences of your followers in terms of fitness and wellbeing, such as their go-to workout style or preferred wellness regimen.
  6. Relationship polls: Ask your followers about their preferences for dating, such as their favourite method of meeting people or perfect date night.
  7. Education polls: Ask your followers about their preferences for learning, such as their preferred method of instruction or preferred academic subject.
  8. Technology polls: Ask your followers about their favourite tech goods, such as the social media network they prefer using or the type of smartphone they prefer.
  9. Environmental polls:Ask your followers about their environmental preferences, such as their favourite eco-friendly product or the best approach for them to lessen their carbon impact.
  10. Self-care polls: Ask your followers about their favourite self-care routines, such as their favourite meditation technique or skincare brand.
  11. Business polls: Ask your followers about their preferences in business, such as their preferred method of product marketing or preferred company model.
  12. Politics polls: Check out your audience’s political preferences by asking them about their preferred political party or topic.
  13. Hobbies polls: Ask your followers about their favourite pastimes, such as their favoured trade or activity.
  14. Home decor polls: Ask your followers which furniture design or favourite home décor trend they like.
  15. Personal development polls: Ask about your followers’ interests for personal development, such as their favourite genre of self-help book or coaching.

100+ ideas for poll questions for Instagram:

Here are the some Ideas for Poll question for Instagram are as under:

Ideas for Poll Questions for Instagram
  1. Which city do you prefer: New York or Los Angeles?
  2. Which season is your favorite?
  3. Which book do you prefer: Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?
  4. Which social media platform do you prefer: Instagram or TikTok?
  5. Which ice cream flavor do you prefer?
  6. Which type of movie do you prefer: action or comedy?
  7. Which type of cuisine do you prefer?
  8. Which music streaming service do you use most frequently?
  9. Which TV show do you prefer: Friends or The Office?
  10. Which type of dessert do you prefer?
  11. Which type of workout do you prefer: cardio or weightlifting?
  12. Which holiday do you prefer: Christmas or Halloween?
  13. Which type of tea do you prefer?
  14. Which type of beer do you prefer?
  15. Which type of soda do you prefer?
  16. Which type of pizza do you prefer?
  17. Which type of chips do you prefer?
  18. Which type of fruit juice do you prefer?
  19. Which type of energy drink do you prefer?
  20. Which type of fast food restaurant do you prefer?
  21. Which type of snack do you prefer: sweet or salty?
  22. Which type of cheese do you prefer?
  23. Which type of flower do you prefer?
  24. Which type of vacation do you prefer: beach or mountains?
  25. Which type of jewelry do you prefer?
  26. Which type of coffee do you prefer: latte or cappuccino?
  27. Which type of bread do you prefer?
  28. Which type of vegetable do you prefer?
  29. Which type of car do you prefer: sports car or SUV?
  30. Which type of movie theater snack do you prefer?
  31. Which type of ice cream topping do you prefer?
  32. Which type of cake do you prefer?
  33. Which type of cookie do you prefer?
  34. Which type of pasta do you prefer?
  35. Which type of sandwich do you prefer?
  36. Which type of smoothie do you prefer?
  37. Which type of hair color do you prefer?
  38. Which type of skincare product do you prefer?
  39. Which type of makeup product do you prefer?
  40. Which type of shoe do you prefer: sneakers or boots?
  41. Which type of restaurant do you prefer: casual or fancy?
  42. Which type of wine do you prefer?
  43. Which type of book genre do you prefer?
  44. Which type of workout gear do you prefer?
  45. Which type of jacket do you prefer: leather or denim?
  46. Which type of social media influencer do you prefer: fashion or fitness?
  47. Which type of accessory do you prefer: hat or sunglasses?
  48. Which type of phone case do you prefer?
  49. Which type of dessert topping do you prefer?
  50. Which type of workout class do you prefer?
  51. Which type of bag do you prefer: backpack or tote?
  52. Which type of snack bar do you prefer?
  53. Which type of salad dressing do you prefer?
  54. Which type of yogurt do you prefer?
  55. Which type of milk do you prefer: almond or oat?
  56. Which type of protein do you prefer: chicken or beef?
  57. Which type of seafood do you prefer?
  58. Which type of gym equipment do you prefer: weights or cardio machines?
  59. Which type of nail polish do you prefer?
  60. Which type of lip product do you prefer?
  61. Which type of hair product do you prefer?
  62. Which type of facial feature do you find most attractive?
  63. Which type of tattoo do you prefer: color or black and white

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How do you make a fun poll on Instagram?

By selecting “story” from the menu after selecting the “+” icon, you can start a new Instagram Story. Tap the sticker icon (a square with a smiley face) at the top of the screen. To choose the “poll” sticker icon, tap.

What polls to do on Instagram?

Some of the best polls to do on Instagram are as under:
The “Quiz” Poll. …
The Gauge the “Interest” Poll. …
The Navigate to the “Website” Poll. …
The “Suspense” Poll. …
The Simple “Interaction” Poll. …
The “On-Trend” Poll. …
The “Social Responsibility” Poll. …
The “Brand Promotion” Poll

What are some good poll questions yes or no?

Do you have any interests outside of work?
Do you possess a gift you are hiding?
Have you ever resided abroad?
Do you enjoy working while listening to music?
Have you ever held a position in a different sector?

What is a fun poll question?

A funny poll question is one that is lighthearted and entertaining, frequently utilizing jokes or wordplay.


In conclusion, using polls on Instagram is a fantastic method to communicate with your followers and boost post interaction. You may urge your followers to express their ideas with you and create a closer relationship with your audience by posing straightforward, simple-to-answer questions. So why not give poll questions a shot in your Instagram strategy right now?

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